Welcome to the TreeTopToyShop


Once upon a time, toy stores were magical places.

They were run & lovingly tended with the kind of care & dedication that is only possible from those who are truly passionate about children & toys.

Toys displayed without the layers of plastic packaging meant a much anticipated visit was a tactile adventure, where children could look, touch & most importantly play with those many coveted items.

The air was thick with the excitement & wonder of children, the shelves bursting with beautiful toys that would last for generations to come.

Once upon a time, toy stores were magical…

Welcome to Tree Top Toy Shop, an enchanting visit to once upon a time

From the moment you catch sight of the beautiful reclaimed timber façade that frames the exquisite window displays to perfection, you are sure to be transported.

The entire experience once you walk through the door into the wonderland that is Tree Top Toy Shop, is an adventure into the enchantment of childhood & a guaranteed delight for all ages.

The shelves, the floor, & even the ceiling offer a veritable trove of unrivaled treasures, each piece lovingly chosen by owner, founder & mumma -Rachael Arkovits, with the utmost attention paid to everything from the environmental impact of manufacture processes, ethics & sustainability, to excellence of quality & endurance.