About us


Welcome to my store Treetop Toy shop, a delightful haven for both children and the young at heart. Nestled amidst the vibrant streets of Brunswick, created from my cherished childhood memories climbing trees and passion to educate on quality and sustainability. The store captures the essence of wonder, imagination, and joy that toys bring to our lives.
As a child walking home from school in regional Victoria, I often stopped at what I thought was the most beautiful and magical deciduous tree I had ever seen. It had huge green leaves and a trunk spanning two metres in diameter, whilst being covered in vines entangling themselves providing a makeshift ladder and an easy short climb to the most amazing tranquil space I had ever seen. It was my own secret nest high in the sky with walls of branches and leaves filtering the sun on my face and a place for me to feel safe and warm. From the moment you enter the store and catch sight of the timber walls and the giant treetops mural, you are sure to be transported to a special childhood memory.
Paying a visit to Treetop Toy Shop will spark imaginative adventures and celebrate the magic of childhood. A treasure trove of joy filled with creativity and wonder, whilst our carefully curated selection an enchanting array of wooden toys, games, and puzzles, beautiful apparel for newborns, along with the coolest clothes for kids and shoes to make their feet sing. There is something to captivate the imagination of children and adults alike.
Vashti, Bern, Elyse, Trish and I are always ready with a warm smile and helpful recommendations possessing a genuine passion for toys and will take great pleasure in assisting you finding the perfect plaything or apparel for every occasion. Our expertise will ensure every visit to the store is enjoyable, memorable and we will gift wrap your goodies too!
Be sure to wander down Sydney Road also, we are surrounded by a thriving community of local businesses, cafes, and parks. It is not only a destination for toy shopping but also a place to explore and discover the wonders of this unique area.